What is Microlearning?
An overview of Microlearning, and its utility in e-learning.

Microlearning in eLearning

Microlearning deals with relatively small learning units and short-term learning activities. The term is used in e-learning and related fields in the sense of learning processes in mediated environments

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a technique used to provide content to learners through many short courses or modules as suppose to a single, lengthy and laborious training program. For example, one area of focus of microlearning is personalization, which enables self-paced training, allowing learners to go through training when they have time to do so. In effect, learners are more engaged with the training program. This improves on job performance and drives overall efficiency by focusing training on topics that are relevant to the tasks at hand.

Also, learners can select and use specific assets that are most pertinent to their current needs on whatever device is most handy, making the training even more relevant to their work. Microlearning supports employees accessing information when they need it most. Because assets are compact, learners are more likely to invest the time needed to use them in an on-the-job context. Further, assets developed to be compatible with a wide variety of devices allow learners to use them when and where it’s most helpful. As a result, microlearning makes it possible for learners to gain new knowledge just in time to meet their immediate needs.

Microlearning works well for a variety of modalities to create powerful training experiences for learners. Assets used in microlearning are compact and focus on precise objectives. As such, modalities such as games, videos, and infographics are easy to coordinate with the content. Because these assets are small, production and maintenance are simple and more affordable in general. The purpose of these assets has high potential variation and can be used as components of broader training initiatives, communication tools, or performance


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