Reach learners quickly and easily through, self-paced training on demand and the freedom to access the platform from multiple devices.

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Demonstrate compliance through real-time, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, or build your own custom reports and deliver them through multiple channels.

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Create, store and manage courses on the platform quickly and easily. Enhance collaboration by sharing your courses with other instructors, L&D professionals and managers..

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Leverage Sofia eCommerce or packaged integrations with other platforms to sell courses worldwide to customers, vendors, and partners.

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Sofia LMS (Black Package)


Read on Sofia Learn Software documentation and API usage guide.

Sofia LMS (Black Package)


Give your business the edge with the new Sofia Vendor License.

Sofia LMS (Black Package)


Build your own training academy with the new Sofia Academy License.

Sofia LMS (Black Package)


Get every thing you need to run a full scale training department with the new Sofia Corporate License.

Sofia Cloud

Sofia Learning Management System (LMS)

Everything we do, we do to the best of our ability, to produce products of the highest quality. Our eye for quality and attention to detail means we ensure that the job is done well. Our team works with clients around the world on complex problems and implementing simple solutions.

We achieve this by taking a brand-new design approach, that overrides complexity with simplicity. But why the effort and why chose to be deferent? Well, we believe in changing the way you interact with software for the better, and our products just happen to do it better. By the way, want to try it out yourself?

Sofia Version 3.0 (New, Launching 2019)

Sofia Learn V.3.0 (New, Launching 2019)

We are launching version 3.0 of our platform early 2019. Sofia version 3.0 is a response to our customers demands. The new platform will support industry standards such as SCORM, AICC, and TinCan.

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Sofia Cloud V.3.0 (New, Launching 2019)

Sofia Community Platform (New, Launching 2019)

We are launching Sofia Community early 2019. Sofia Community is free for every one. The platform is designed for Learning and Development professionals to market and sell their elearning courses online.

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Sofia Community V.3.0 (New, Launching 2019)

Sofia now supports SCORM, AICC, and TIN-CAN

Sofia Learn, version 3.0 comes with Sofia Streamliner, which boost the system with a lot more horsepower under its hood, featuring support for standards such as SCORM, AICC and TinCan.

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What is Microlearning?

If you’re not new to the training industry, you’ve heard the term microlearning tossed around. However, it’s a term that also comes with a lot of jargon and not much explanation. This article aims to do just that.

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7 Ways LMS's Help Improves Employee Training

Employee training is essential to any organization with the desire to rise above their competition. In the modern world, your rivals might have a greater edge on you if you fail to realize the importance of eLearning in business.

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Using Microlearning For Onboarding

While onboarding is great for new employees, you can also use onboarding-style courses to train existing employees on new compliance policies, rebranding, new systems, or role transitions..

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7 Tips To Transform Your Traditional Training Course

Wondering how to transform a traditional training into an Engaging eLearning Experience? Check 7 tips to transform a traditional training to an Engaging eLearning Experience.

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6 Ways To Build Company Culture Awareness In Corporate eLearning

Wondering how to build Company Culture Awareness in corporate eLearning? Check 6 ways to build Company Culture Awareness in corporate eLearning.

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